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PLA Notes CD-ROM 1988-2001 8 Aguacatán in Guatemala: how seven communities joined hands

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Document begins: PLA Notes CD-ROM 1988­2001 8 Aguacatán in Guatemala: how seven communities joined hands Fabián Gonón Ortiz , Carlos Simón Perén, Milagro Escobar and Jaime Pacajoj Cifuentes Introduction Canton, Patzalam, Agua Blanca and Río Blanco, are home to 550 families (3600 In 1994 the support team from SER1 inhabitants), see Figure 1. , began a process of Participatory Action Research to Until 1986, long before SER's involvement, improve water management in seven these seven communities did not have a potable communities within the municipality of water system. The women and children would Aguacatán three hours from Quetzaltenango, where SER is located. At the start of this get water from the rivers, streams and home- process, the community leaders asked us: `Do made wells in the area, running many risks you have financing to fix our project? Can because of the steep ravines and swift currents. you give us pipes to improve the flow?' The They spent three hours every day bringing water back to their homes. The water was of directors of institutions such as UNEPAR, the poor quality, and consequently the children in main governmental body involved in providing particular developed various disorders, such as water and sanitation ...

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