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PLA Notes CD-ROM 1988-2001 18 Tips for Trainers

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Document begins: PLA Notes CD-ROM 1988­2001 18 Tips for Trainers Robert Chambers Non-verbal sequences 4. Ask for the scores from each group, then ask each group to choose the best mime and show Objective it to the others. 5. Repeat for submissiveness, and then finally To enhance awareness of non-verbal ways of for being nice. showing dominance, submissiveness and being nice. 6. At the end, Raul's1 three rules for village work can be shown on an overhead: Time 1. Be nice to people 2. Repeat rule no. 1 15-20 minutes 3. Repeat rule no. 2 Procedure Comments In the following sequence, watching and Encourage the use of props (sticks, chairs etc.). discussing slides leads to a lively group- Demonstrate a mime with the group, for forming exercise which leaves participants example wagging your finger to show animated. Steps (1) and (3) can also be used on dominance. their own. Be careful that "being nice to people" does not become "being too nice to people" (especially 1. Participants sit in pairs and are shown a with mixed cultures and sexes). sequence of slides of interactions (dominance, In discussion, encourage reflections. If no one submissiveness, finger-pointing, sitting else picks it up, mention ...

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