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PLA Notes CD-ROM 1988-2001 3 Qualitative methods for assessing the acceptability of immunisation in Somalia

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Document begins: PLA Notes CD-ROM 1988­2001 3 Qualitative methods for assessing the acceptability of immunisation in Somalia Anne k La Fond Introduction Key informant interviews were held with: In 1989, Save the Children Fund and the · people with official connection to Ministry of Health in Somalia conducted a immunisation activities - party and study to identify the factors influencing government officials, health staff, acceptance of immunisation. Focus group community health workers, TBAs; and, discussions, key informant interviews and observation were employed to assess the · community members normally consulted following: for health advice - midwives, sheiks, traditional healers, older women. · Knowledge of immunisation; · Attitudes towards characteristics of Observations were made in MCH clinics and immunisation: safety, effectiveness, immunisation sites of traditional healers' accessibility and cost; working. sessions. · Perceptions of the EPI (Expanded Summary of main findings Programme on Immunisation) diseases: susceptibility, seriousness and cause, treatment and prevention; · Perceptions of the EPI diseases influenced · Perceptions of prevention; mothers' attitudes toward immunisation. · Attitudes toward methods of immunisation Where the disease was believed to be promotion; serious, a child's susceptibility high and · Sources of advice on health matters; and, the cause unrelated to spiritual phenomena ...

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