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PLA Notes CD-ROM 1988-2001 5 PRA in Malda district, West Bengal: a report of a training workshop for ActionAid India and Tagore Society for Rural Development

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ActionAid India and the Tagore Society for Rural Development are partners in a rural development project in the Malda District of West Bengal. Both felt that they needed to understand the villages in the project area from the villagers’ perspective. This, it was hoped, would lead to plans in which the client group had participated. A PRA training exercise was organised which would cover 5 days (10-14 Dec 1990) by Thomas Joseph (Northern India, Field Director, ActionAid). Sam Joseph (ActionAid) was invited to conduct the training. Mr B C Chatterjee, the Director of Tagore Society, was personally involved in the training as a participant. Another NGO, the Tajmahal Society, sent three of their senior staff for this training.

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