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PLA Notes CD-ROM 1988-2001 5 The outsider effect

Ueli Scheuermeier

Journal article

Document begins: PLA Notes CD-ROM 1988­2001 5 The outsider effect Ueli Scheuermeier RRA Notes 9 got me thinking, particularly the agent to engage in exchange of knowledge contribution by Weyman Fussell. He raises a about fundamental natural processes' does not very important issue in his account of PRA in include process of decision-making in Guinea Bissau: What is the role of `outsiders' communities. Such social processes are also in RRA, and how can this role be acceptable to fundamental, and just as important, and they both `outsiders' and `insiders'? I've become border on the values. Repeatedly I've been sensitive to this, as I've now experienced drawn into discussions on the way we make RRA's both as an outsider (i.e. I was the our decisions in Switzerland (usually by expatriate on the team) and as an insider (i.e. colleagues on RRA-teams), and there was no the RRA was done in my own culture, with me point in trying to evade them, because they having to translate between an outsider and my were right on the topic at hand. own culture). Furthermore, I find there is an implicit There always is this unasked and never assumption that traditional values are always answered ...

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