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Document begins: Chapter 5. ORGANISING FOR THE PARTNERSHIP 5.1 Gathering rrelevant iinformation aand ttools aand promoting ssocial ccommunication The p process w will b be The organising phase of the partnership is the realm of the Start-up Team, which iterative-- aas tthe prepares and facilitates the work of the relevant social actors. This is a critical moment in the process. On the one hand, the initiators and Start-up Team are social aactors gget usually self-appointed and have thus limited legitimacy to take decisions. On the involved, tthey b bring other, they need to deal with several substantive issues, even if only in a prelimi- about rrefinements nary way. The manner in which they shape the space and style of discussions, the and iimprovements language they use (for instance, what they introduce as "problems", "opportuni- in d defining, ties", "resources", etc.) and, most of all, their preliminary identification of the terri- understanding, tory and resources at stake and of the social actors to participate in the negotia- deciding aand ttaking tion are the cornerstones of the co-management process. To be sure, the process action-- b but aa ggood will be iterative-- as the social actors get involved, they bring about refinements ...

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