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Meaningful partnerships: building relationships of trust'

Ligia Noronha

Project report

Document begins: Meaningful partnerships: building relationships of `trust' Ligia Noronha, Tata Energy Research Institute, India U N E P/World Bank/MMSD conference on Finance, Mining and Sustainability, 14-15 January,2002 Paris Presentation Overview n `trust' as the way forward `trust' through partnerships perspectives on partnerships W h y a focus on`trust'? / Erosion of trust is the basis for the disaffection that is observed in mining regions even if there is no explicit conflict situation Y Creates real options for a company Y Builds reputational capital because of the support that stakeholder groups provide (adapted from Fombrun et al, `Opportunity Platforms and safety nets: Corporate Citizenships and Reputational Risk) `The real economic value of a corporation increasingly comes not from the assets that it owns, or the employees that it supervises, but from the domain of trust that it has established. (Economist`The future of the company, Dec 22, 2001, p 74) By `trust' I refer to: hip between at least two agents, in this case three odwill for the other and assumes that actions or decisions by either of the agents in the pursuit of their interests will favourably factor in the interests of the other, and etrimental consequences of such pursuit ...

Publication information

  • IIED code: G00915
  • Published: Jan 2002
  • Theme: Energy
  • Language: English

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