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Document begins: Editorial CHRONIC POVERTY IN URBAN AREAS Diana Mitlin I. INTRODUCTION 1997) in their analysis of urban Ethiopia, and suggest that the chronically poor are those who FOR MANY YEARS, poverty in urban areas of are poor in all three surveys over a four-year Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean has period. While much of the analysis has been on been identified by spatial area (e.g. settlement, incomes and the period of time without adequate neighbourhood, inner city) as often as it has been income, the concept can also be applied to inade- referred to by social group (e.g. low-income quate access to basic services such as water and women, the homeless). This has perhaps given education. inadequate recognition to poverty differentiation While, conceptually, the addition of a time within urban poor groups or, to put it another dimension is easy to understand, methodological way, it has contributed to an assumption that the approaches vary. Kedir (in this volume) explores poor share similar characteristics and face the a number of different methodologies for the study same difficulties. The focus on chronic poverty of chronic urban poverty in Ethiopia. He argues that has been of growing interest in recent ...

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  • IIED code: G00497
  • Published: Oct 2005
  • Theme: Urban
  • Language: English

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