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Editorial: Urban ecologies

Most people writing on urban environmental and ecological issues, particularly in Asia, Africa and Latin America, agree on the importance of both addressing the environmental issues and reducing poverty. Beyond this, if one looks at the full range of writing, there is much disagreement, even on the basics. There are environmental optimists and pessimists. There are those with 'green' agendas and those with 'brown' agendas. The critical scale for understanding urban environmental issues is varoiusly identified as local, regional or global. the central challenge is sometimes described as technical, and at other times social, economic or political......

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  • IIED code: G00489
  • Published: Apr 2006 - Sage Publications
  • Theme: Urban
  • Source pub: Environment and Urbanization
  • Language: English

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Editorial: Urban ecologies. Haughton, Graham and Gordon McGranahan Environment and Urbanization, Apr 2006; vol. 18: pp. 3-8
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