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Rural-urban interactions: a guide to the literature

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To date, most development theory and practice have focused on either 'urban' or 'rural' issues with little consideration of the interrelations between the two. By contrast, several empirical studies show that the linkages between urban centres and the countryside, including movement of people, goods, capital and other social transactions, play an important role in processes of rural and urban change. Within the economic sphere, many urban enterprises rely on demand from rural consumers, and access to urban markets and services is often crucial for agricultural producers. In addition, a large number of households in both urban and rural areas rely on the combination of agricultural and non-agricultural income sources for their livelihoods. This paper reviews some of the recent literature on rural-urban interactions, with particular attention to the ways in which they have been affected by recent and current economic, social and cultural transformations.

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Environment and Urbanization
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