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Document begins: DEDICATED TO MAKING A DIFFERENCE Business for Development « Make Poverty History » IIED Conference Burnham Beeches,UK, 5-6 December 2005 WBCSD member companies Regional network The Excel NHO-Norway Partnership Canada Vernadsky Foundation Russia BCSD UK BCSD Czech Republic CGLI USA/Canada Econsense Germany BCSD Mongolia EPE France BCSD Austria BCSD Korea US BCSD FFA Spain BCSD Croatia BCSD China Entorno Spain BCSD Turkey Keidanren Japan BCSD Mexico BCSD Gulf of Mexico APEQUE AEEC BCSD Kazakhstan BEC Hong Kong CentraRSE Guatemala Algeria Egypt CII BCSD Honduras AED Costa Rica BCSD Thailand BCSD Taiwan BCSD El Salvador CEDIS Panamá BCSD CoRE BCSD India BCSD Colombia BCSD Venezuela PBE Philippines Nigeria BCSD BCSD Ecuador Sri Lanka BCSD Malaysia BCSD Brazil Perú 2021 EFZ Zimbabwe BCA BCSD Bolivia WASIG Australia FEMA Mozambique W.Australia BCSD Paraguay NBI South Africa Accion RSE Chile BCSD Argentina BCSD New Zealand Doing business with the poor Raw Marketing R&D Production Distribution End user materials Sales The poor are part of the The poor benefit from the supply of company's value chain appropriate products and services Utilities Utilities Natural r Natural r e e sources sources Poor communities are: Services (banking) Services (banking) Manufacturing / Manufacturing / Chemicals / buy ...

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  • IIED code: G00424
  • Published: Dec 2005
  • Theme: Governance
  • Language: English

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