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Associations of Small & Medium Forest Enterprises (SMFEs)


Document begins: Associations of Small & Medium Forest Enterprises (SMFEs) Duncan Macqueen - IIED GN FC Sharon Ousman - Guyana Sushil Saigal - India Country team leaders on `Stronger by Association' ­ a project coordinated by IIED and funded by DFID. What are SMFE associations? · Groups (informal, associations, cooperatives, non-profit companies etc) based on forest products and services that band together about a common purpose · Local membership institutions that comprise private sector alternatives ­ Social and environmental objectives often challenge profit motives. ­ Democratic decision-making often challenges autocratic companies ­ i.e. control stays local ­ Benefits accrue locally ­ including significant non-financial benefits What can SME associations do? Reduced costs Coordinate Shape policy environment market inputs Strategic Develop Sharing Share costs Strategic planning quality information, of research adaptation standards labour and and and skills resources development Coordinate market outputs Guyana and the Guiana Shield Guyanese Case Studies (14) · Timber ­ community logging · Non-timber forest products: handicraft, crabwood oil, sewing · Community-based tourism · Agro-processing ­ local fruit cheeses · Knowledge-based products/cultural · Gender focussed ­ women's development · Community development and natural resources management Guyana · Forests cover 75% of Guyana (same size as UK). · Population ...

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  • IIED code: G00418
  • Published: 1066
  • Theme: Forests
  • Language: English

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