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Developing incentive-based mechanisms for watershed protection services and improved livelihoods in India. Workplan 2004



This workplan covers a 21-month period during which Winrock International India will carry out the implementation phase of the India country study. The purpose of the India action learning study is to assess the relevance and potential of market-based mechanisms to enhance watershed protection services and improve livelihoods, and to facilitate the design and use of such mechanisms when appropriate. The study has a large component of field-based facilitation and supporting studies, at two micro-level field sites, and at one macro-level site in Madhya Pradesh. In addition the study will include a number of strategic studies, which will draw on learning from across India. State and national level learning groups will strengthen links to policy processes and ensure that the action learning activities remain relevant to current key issues. As this approach is flexible and adaptive, particular project activities may change in response to emerging needs and issues. Finally, a communications and information component will ensure that findings from fieldwork, strategic studies and consultations are disseminated through a variety of media. It is anticipated that by the end of the India action learning study, in June 2006, the conditions under which market-based approaches to watershed protection services are appropriate will have been identified, and the arrangements for market-based transactions will have been facilitated at three sites. The timeframe of the project does not allow for long-term benefits and sustainability of such initiatives to be conclusively demonstrated, but efforts will be made to establish the preconditions for long-term benefits to both watershed services and upland livelihoods. Monitoring systems will be put in place so that continued assessment of impacts can take place.

Publication information

  • IIED code: G00400
  • Published: Oct 2004 - IIED
  • Area: India
  • Theme: Water
  • Language: English

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