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Document begins: IIED VALUES STATEMENT 22nd January 2001 The Values Statement is intended to improve understanding of IIED's identity and approach by staff, collaborators, funders and the general public. It aims to clarify: 1 1. IIED's goal ­ to promote sustainable development 2. Constituent values of sustainable development, explaining what IIED stands for 3. Organisational values, guiding how IIED does its work and relates to others 4. Associated commitments that IIED will make to uphold these values 1. IIED's goal and mission Since its inception in 1972, IIED's goal has been to promote sustainable development. `IIED's Mission is to provide expertise and leadership in researching and achieving sustainable development at local, national, regional and global levels. In alliance with others we seek to help shape a future that ends global poverty and delivers and sustains efficient and equitable management of the world's natural resources.' 2. Constituent values of sustainable development IIED believes that certain values, beliefs and principles are essential for achieving sustainable development. They motivate IIED staff, they underlie our work, and we aim to uphold and promote them: Freedom to express, inquire into, and debate issues and ideas Social justice, particularly to respect and secure human rights and ...

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  • IIED code: G00287
  • Published: Jan 2001
  • Theme: Communication
  • Language: English

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