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Reinforcement of Pastoral Civil Society in East Africa


Document begins: Reinforcement of Pastoral Civil Society in East Africa Resource Conflict Institute [RECONCILE] PO Box 7150, Timbermill Road 20110 Nakuru, Kenya Telephone: +254-51- 2211046 Fax: +254-51-2211045 Email: info@reconcile-ea.org www.reconcile-ea.org International Institute for Environment and Development [IIED] 4 Hanover Street Edinburgh EH2 2 EN Scotland , UK Tel +44-131-624-7043 Fax +44-131-624-7050 www.iied.org OP-ALRMP- Kenya 6th six months report April to September 2005 RECONCILE and IIED Printed by Amu Press P.O. Box 15744, Nakuru - 20100, Kenya. Tel: +254-51-2212509 December 2005 The programme on Reinforcement of Pastoral Civil Society in East Africa is a regional programme being implemented in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania jointly by Resource Conflict Institute [RECONCILE) is a policy research and advocacy non- RECONCILE and the Drylands Programme of IIED. The objective of the programme is to governmental organisation registered in Kenya. The institute works with resource support the emergence of a vibrant, effective and efficient pastoral civil society dependent communities in East Africa to promote policies, laws and institutions capable of helping pastoralists to drive their own development agenda. It has been that empower those communities to effectively participate in natural resource developed and is being implemented in a participatory way in collaboration with pastoral management for ...

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