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February 2003 Contents


Document begins: February 2003 Contents 1. Margaret Catley-Carlson joins IIED Board 2. Company-Community Forestry Partnerships: From Raw Deals to Mutual Gains? James Mayers and Sonja Vermeulen 3. PLA Notes 45: Community-based Animal Healthcare Andy Catley and Tim Leyland 4. Integrating Local and Global Biodiversity Values: A Review of Biodiversity Assessment Sonja Vermeulen and Izabella Koziell 5. Sustaining Agriculture: Policy, Governance, and the Future of Family- based Farming Bill Vorley 6. Stakeholder Dialogues on Sustainable Development Strategies: Lessons, Opportunities and Developing Country Case Studies Barry Dalal-Clayton, Krystyna Swiderska and Steve Bass 7. Cheminer avec le Conflit: M├ęthodes Pratiques Simon Fisher, Dekha Ibrahim Abdi, Jawed Ludin, Richard Smith, Steve Williams, Sue Williams 8. Drylands Issue Papers - New titles 113 - What future for West Africa's family farms in a world market economy? 114 - Taking charge of the future: Pastoral institution building in Northern Kenya 115 - Natural resource management and land policy in developing countries: Lessons learned and new challenges for the World Bank 1. Margaret Catley-Carlson joins IIED Board The Chair of IIED, Jan Pronk, is pleased to announce the appointment of Margaret Catley-Carlson to the Board of Trustees of IIED. `Mrs Catley-Carlson has an international reputation in sustainable development ...

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  • IIED code: G00110
  • Published: Feb 2003
  • Theme: Communication
  • Language: English

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