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Background to the post of FIELD Director, January - February 2006

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Document begins: Background to the post of FIELD Director, January - February 2006 About FIELD The international laws and institutions designed to protect the environment and facilitate sustainable development are becoming increasingly complex. They are growing in number, and deal with highly technical issues that are changing every day. For example, the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and its Kyoto Protocol continue to be developed through new decisions, further commitments and national implementation. This and other environmental agreements and institutions must be reconciled with international laws and processes designed to promote a range of other interests, such as international trade, investment and technology. Effective engagement in international rule-making and implementation requires specialist knowledge that is informed by a range of interests and backed up by human and financial resources. Southern governments, advocates for sustainable development and local communities have limited capacity to engage in international decision-making. They are often excluded from the processes that design, implement and enforce internationally created rights and responsibilities concerning the environment. Unlike their Northern counterparts, Southern governments have very few people available to participate in international negotiations on an ongoing basis. In contrast to the major players in business and industry, advocates for sustainable development ...

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  • IIED code: G00100
  • Published: no date
  • Theme: Communication
  • Language: English

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