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Securing the commons in an era of privatisation: policy and legislative challenges. Summary conclusions of the second international workshop of the Co-Govern network, Nakuru, Kenya, 25-28 October 2004

Lorenzo Cotula, Nickson Orwa, Alexandriah Muhanji

Event/workshop report, 11 pages

The focus of the workshop, and of this report , is on the policy and legislative challenges raised by the commons in an era where many vocal actors see privatisation as the only way forward. Such challenges are examined at different levels: local (local agreements for the shared management of natural resources), national (government policies, legislation), regional (protocols for the management of transboundary resources; treaties on cross-border transhumance) and international (the Convention on Bio-Diversity). Can policy and legal frameworks help secure the commons against resource grabbing by elites? If so, how can they best do it? How can they ensure equitable participation in benefits by and within local communities? What are the linkages between policy/legislative frameworks and local practice? The report covers the commons in both Africa and Europe.

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In much of Africa, rural populations depend on access to common property resources such as rangelands and forests for their livelihoods. Securing local rights of access to and management of such resources against encroachment or alienation by national or international actors is key to protecting the livelihoods of local people.

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