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Rural Fuelwood Markets in Niger. An assessment of Danish support to the Niger Household Energy Strategy 1989-2003

Dolf Noppen, Paul Kerkhof, Ced Hesse

Report/paper, 76 pages

During a period of almost fifteen years, Danish development cooperation has been involved in the fuelwood supply sector in Niger, first through the World Bank (Projet Energie II, 1989 - 1998), and subsequently bilaterally, through the Household Energy Project (Projet Energie Domestique, 2000-2003). Taken together, these interventions have contributed to the development of an approach known, in Niger, as the Household Energy Strategy - a strategy which, although not a legal document, is nonetheless supported by a number of legal instruments which formalise rural fuelwood markets and which have as their objective the establishment of decentralised management of fuelwood and the financial procedures necessary for this to function.This study is an assessment of the results of this long period of intervention and is aimed at others working with natural resources management both in the Sahel as well as elsewhere. The study also supports the consolidation and further development of the Household Energy Strategy in Niger.

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