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Water and Sanitation

Journal, 288 pages
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This includes three papers on community provision: the community-designed, built and managed toilet blocks in Indian cities; the WaterAid water and sanitation programme in Dhaka and Chittagong; and community tanks in Orangi, Karachi. It also has a review of experience to date with water privatization, and papers discussing women's and children's priorities for water and sanitation. There are case studies of water stress and their causes in Guadalajara and Beijing, and discussions and case studies of drainage and of how wastewater can be used for agriculture. A special supplement on the Millennium Development Goals has papers discussing the MDGs and urban poverty reduction, a Programme for Land Tenure Legalization on Public Land in São Paulo and financial frameworks to reduce “slums” and support home improvements for low-income households.

All but the last four issues of this journal are free online. ~Recent issues require a subscription to view the articles although the editorial and summaries are free to download.

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