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PLA Notes 47: General issue and participatory numbers

This general issue of PLA Notes includes a broad range of papers on the use of participatory research in many different contexts. This edition includes articles documenting new methods of collecting data, allowing both qualitative and quantitative data collection and how communities can be empowered to collect information themselves without the need for outside intervention. It includes the following papers:

A paper introducing the concept of Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation, whereby data and information is generated and used by local people.

A paper introducing the Methodology for Participation Assessment (MPA), a form of participatory research that builds on other methods by collecting quantitative data, rather than qualitative information.

An article assessing qualitative methods of measuring poverty, using a case study from Malawi.

A paper detailing the development and use of coding in community development schemes around the UK.

An article on adapting PRA to protected area management in Central Africa.

A reflection on the dilemma of quality in PRA.

An article on starting up a participatory monitoring process for fisheries co-management at Lake Victoria.

A paper on community-based support for orphaned children in rural Lesotho.

A report on field experience of targeting the extreme poor in Dimla, Bangladesh.

An article on participatory evaluation with pastoralists in Sudan.

A paper on participatory tools for the evaluation of training interventions.

A Tips for Trainers article on Participatory Rural Appraisals.

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