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Local Networks as a Tool for Influencing Policy: Experiences of the GDRN5 network in Mali

Aly Bacha Konaté

Report/paper, 46 pages

Lobbying on development policies has become standard strategic procedure for many civil society organisations, NGOs and even certain development projects in Mali. Despite this trend, very few Malian organisations have any proven experience in lobbying. This paper documents the experience of the GDRN5 network in lobbying in respect of the bill on the Pastoral Charter. It focuses on the approach and procedure used to influence the authorities and bring them to change several aspects of the bill. The aim of the paper is to share the network’s experience and the lessons learned with those who support sustainable natural resource management in Mali and elsewhere.

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In much of Africa, rural populations depend on access to common property resources such as rangelands and forests for their livelihoods. Securing local rights of access to and management of such resources against encroachment or alienation by national or international actors is key to protecting the livelihoods of local people.

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