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Engendering Eden Volume 3: Women, Gender and ICDPs in South and South East Asia- Lessons learnt and experiences shared

Report/paper, 80 pages
PDF  9233IIED.pdf (421.56 KB)

The Wildlife and Development series highlights key topics in the field of sustainable wildlife use and is aimed at policy-makers, planners, government extension workers and NGOs. The Engendering Eden research programme aimed increase understanding of issues concerning relationships between women, gender and ICDPs (integrated conservation and development projects) by examining differences and inequities within communities and how these effect participation and the distribution of benefits and costs in relation to them. This document describes experiences and lessons learnt of a number of ICDPs and CBNRM projects in South and South East Asia.The research in Asia showed that ICDPs remain dominated by men, and that there is a conflict between short-term household needs and long-term conservation objectives. In both regions gender issues are addressed rarely, and even then ineffectually. This has led to various negative impacts.More recently a gender-focussed approach has been promoted and projects now make attempts to increase women's empowerment through such as education and capacity building. However components still remain fragmented and under resourced. There is much room for improvement.

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