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Words Into Action

Book, 132 pages
PDF  9191IIED.pdf (8.6 MB)

IIED first advanced the concept of environment plus development at the Stockholm conference in 1971. From Stockholm to Johannesburg, IIED has played and continues to play a prominent role in the UN process to advance best practice in sustainable development.This book, produced for the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, identifies practical means of putting policies into action. Chapters cover a broad range of policy areas including global and national governance, poverty reduction strategies, health, climate change, water, tourism, sustainable consumption and corporate social responsibility. Contributors include: Roberto Bissio, UN USG Nitin Desai, Richard Jolly, Nick Robins, Emil Salim, Charles Secrett, Simon Upton, Mohammed Valli Moosa; and a range of IIED contributors including:Steve Bass, Nigel Cross, Barry Dalal-Clayton, Saleemul Huq and Halina Ward.

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