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Sustaining Agriculture: Policy, governance, and the future of family-based farming

Report/paper, 210 pages
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In 1996 IIED initiated a multi-country, collaborative research project entitled Policies that Work for Sustainable Agriculture and Regenerated Rural Economies (PTW). The PTW project aimed to identify policies and policy processes that support sustainable agriculture and rural regeneration. It examined a cross-section of case studies across a range of agroecological and socioeconomic environments, and commissioned a number of ‘Think Pieces’ to make the connections between local policy and transnational economic, trade and business institutions. The research started by identifying ‘islands of success’ of sustainable agriculture and then observing the different forces, power dynamics, policies and institutions that impacted on those successes. This report draws on the various findings to build up a picture of the policy environment for sustainable agriculture at the levels of local community, local government, national government, the private sector, and global institutions. It makes recommendations for each of these levels.

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