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Pour le Developpement d’une Agriculture Régénératrice au Sénégal

Institut Rodale, Green-​Sénégal

Report/paper, 147 pages

In Senegal, the Rodale Institute and subsequently GREEN-Sénégal undertook studies in the areas of agricultural policy, stakeholders and experiences and/or ‘islands of success as part of the Policies That Work For Sustainable Agriculture Regenerating Rural Economies’ project coordinated by IIED. Research findings indicate that many traditional societies have practised forms of sustainable agriculture which could be foundations to build on for the future. Many have devised natural resource use systems which include strict obligations of conservation. The report covers the evolution of agricultural policy in Senegal, examples and cross-cutting analysis of local experiences from 6 case studies in the Groundnut Basin’, the Niayes zone and the River Region, and proposals for the improvement of sustainable agriculture policy.

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