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Globalization and Cities

Journal, 304 pages
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All but the last four issues of this journal are free online.
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This issue of Environment and Urbanization includes case studies on how globalization is both affecting Karachi, Luanda, Buenos Aires, Windhoek, and cities in Pacific Asia and influencing social exclusion in Johannesburg and Faisalabad. The evasion of corporate responsibility in Bhopal is considered, as is the role of cities and city-networks in globalisation. There are also papers on: people-managed resettlement in Mumbai; cities as agents of change; democratic local governance and globalisation in Central America; supporting civil society through channelling donor support through local funds; and the world’s first transnational corporation (the East India Company). In the feedback section, there are papers on Durban’s Local Agenda 21; maternal mobility between rural and urban areas in Kenya; the role of NGOs in Korean society; the right to water versus cost recovery in Sub-Saharan Africa; and cholera in Madagascar.

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