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PLA Notes 43: Advocacy and Citizen Participation

This issue has a special theme section on Advocacy and Citizen Participation. Approaches to advocacy and citizen participation are becoming increasingly important for civil society groups as more attention is paid both to popular participation in decision-making at all levels and to holding those in power accountable.

This issue explores the following questions through case studies from South Asia, Central America, East Africa, Southeast Asia and North America.
• How does participatory advocacy differ from other mainstream concepts? What key elements of citizen education, training, and organising are involved?
• What are the strategic entry points for participatory advocacy at local, national, and global levels, and what are the dangers?
• How do we handle issues of representation and accountability in advocacy movements?
• How do we measure success and failure?

This edition also has articles on general topics including:

A report on using different methods to determine village priorities in Jamaica.

An article describing how farmers' groups in India were able to move towards self-help.

A paper describing how external facilitators were able to resolve a conflict between two Nigerian villages.

A feedback paper on an article describing PRA techniques in environmental education in Peru.

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