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Case of Himo and its Region, Northern Tanzania, The

This paper presents the findings of research on the rural-urban interactions and linkages between the town of Himo and two rural settlements in the surrounding area. The authors describe how urban growth has affected the livelihoods of different groups: high, middle and low income; urban residents and rural dwellers. They also explore the impact of these transformations on intra-household relations, in particular between genders and between generations. The main issues addressed in the paper are: flows of people (migration and mobility); flows of goods (agricultural production and access to markets); income diversification in both rural and urban settlements; and institutional and policy aspects, with particular attention to decentralisation processes. Keywords: rural-urban

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Diyamett B et al (2001) The Case of Himo and its Region, Northern Tanzania. Human Settlements Working Paper Series Rural-Urban Interactions and Livelihood Strategies No. 1. IIED, London.
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