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Stakeholder Participation in Policy on Access to Genetic Resources, Traditional Knowledge and Benefit-sharing. Case studies and recommendations

Issue paper, 32 pages
PDF  9096IIED.pdf (185.82 KB)

The report focuses on the development of national policy to implement the third objective of the Convention on Biodiversity, which requires the benefits from the commercial and scientific use of genetic resources to be shared fairly and equitably. It presents the main findings of four case studies of stakeholder participation in the development of policy on access to genetic resources and related traditional knowledge. -South Africa’s biodiversity policy (Rachel Wynberg and Krystyna Swiderska)-Peru’s sui generis regime to protect traditional knowledge (Brendan Tobin and Krystyna Swiderska)- the Philippines’ E.O. No. 247 on access to genetic resources (K. Swiderska, E. Dano and O. Dubois)- India’s biodivesity law and community registers (R.V. Anuradha, B. Taneja and A. Kothari)The studies examine the strengths and limitations of the participatory processes, drawing on the views of a range of in-country stakeholders. Based on these studies, the report provides recommendations for securing effective participation in the development of policy on access and benefit sharing, and on the protection of traditional knowledge of indigenous and local communities.

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