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Citizens at Risk: From urban sanitation to sustainable cities, The

Taking a comparative look at cities in Africa, Asia and Latin America, the book examines: ┬Ěthe changing nature of urban environmental risks,┬Ěthe rules governing the distribution of such risks and their differential impact, how the risks arise and who is responsible. The authors describe the most pressing urban environmental challenges, such as improving health conditions in deprived urban settlements, ensuring sustainable development in a globalizing world, and achieving environmental justice along with the greening of development. They argue that current debates on sustainable development fail to come to terms with these challenges, and call for a more politically and ethically explicit approach.

Publication information

  • IIED code: 9055IIED
  • Published: 2001 - Earthscan
  • Area: Brazil, Ghana
  • Theme: Urban
  • ISBN: 1-85383-561-7
  • Language: English

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