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PLA Notes 41: General Issue

Journal, 68 pages
PDF  9034IIED.pdf (729.9 KB)

This is a general edition which includes the following articles:

A report on working with HIV infected prisoners within the Malaysian prison system and how participation.

A description of using PRA techniques to investigate livestock predation in villages around Waza National Park in Cameroon.

A paper about the challenges faced by a multidisciplinary PLA programme on the effects of tourism in Kenya.

An article describing attempts to establish bottom-up participatory planning processes to build capacity of Vietnamese rural communities.

A discussion of the limitations of community participation in relation to conservation and development in Cameroon.

A report on using 'typical family' cards - sets of silhouettes depicting different family set-ups to gather information on social networks.

A discussion of how to move 'educators' away from seeing their students as objects and to start seeing teaching as a reciprocal process.

A report on using social mapping as a tool to include marginalised groups in Thenganayakanahalli village, india

A paper describing how local people in Liverpool, UK, formed a lobby group to prevent a clinic closing.

An article about a project in Tanzania that employed 'field neighbours', people who visit neighbouring villages and engage people in conversations about current issues.

A report on an Adolescent Reproductive Health Education Project in Zimbabwe.

An article looking at how community groups in Australia redefined LogFrames to help them prepare funding proposals.

The Tips for Trainers section features extracts from the IIED Forestry and Land Use Programme's book 'Forestry tactics: Lessons from Malawi's National Forestry Programme'.

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