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Malawi’s National Forestry Programme: Priorities for improving forestry and livelihoods

Malawi’s forests and trees can and should be used to contribute to poverty eradication, a thriving economy and good environmental management. The National Forestry Programme aims to help make this a reality. It consists of a set of agreed priorities-written down in this document-and an ongoing process for achieving them. Major problems stand in the way: forest degradation, excessive demands on existing fuelwood resources, and forest institutions poorly equipped for today’s policies and pressures. But the National Forestry Programme had mapped out the strategies and actions, agreed through a wide participatory process, for takcling these problems. Central government, local government, the private sector, civil socity and the international community should draw on this document to develop specific initiatives and provide the inspiration and dedication to improve forestry and livelihoods in Malawi.

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