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Conservation, Management and Development of Forest Resources. Proceedings of the Malaysia - United Kingdom Programme Workshop 21-24 October 1996

Event/workshop report, 391 pages
PDF  8107IIED.pdf (7.89 MB)

This book records the results of a five-year collaborative research programme involving more than 60 scientists in Malaysia and the United Kingdom. Sponsored jointly by the governments of Malaysia and the United Kingdom, the programme aimed to strengthen the capacity of collaborating institutions to assess and develop sustainable forest management systems through: exchange of experts and information, transfer of appropriate technology, training of personnel, methods to monitor and evaluate the environmental impacts of forest operations, and methods for forest resource valuation and accounting. The research was carried out under two sub-programmes: A - Conservation of Biodiversity and Sustainable Use of Forest Genetic Resources, and B - Valuation of the Costs and Benefits of Non-timber Forest Products and Services. The programme culminated in a workshop in October 1996 which was jointly organised by the Forestry Department Peninsular Malaysia, the Forest Research Institute Malaysia and the Environmental Economics Programme of IIED. Conservation, Management and Development of Forest Resources, which records the proceedings of this workshop, contains 22 papers on forest ecology and economics in Malaysia and includes concrete recommendations of potential interest to forest managers and policy-makers in Malaysia and other countries.

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