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Economics of Non-Timber Forest Benefits: An overview, The

Report/paper, 31 pages
PDF  8102IIED.pdf (60.8 KB)

This paper, based on research carried out under the collaborative research programme Conservation, Management and Development of Forest Resources, provides an overview of the economics of non-timber forest products and services. It focuses on recent advances in the economic evaluation of forestry activities and, in particular, on how techniques for valuing non-timber forest benefits in monetary terms can assist the development of forest policy and management systems. It first considers the non-market nature of many non-timber forest benefits, and the reasons why markets often fail to account for them. The paper then reviews the different techniques used to evaluate non-market benefits in monetary terms, and explores the long-term dynamics of forest value. It concludes with a brief discussion of how the results of valuation studies can contribute to improved forest policy and management.

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