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International Trade and Recycling in Developing Countries: The case of waste paper trade in India

Working paper, 155 pages
PDF  8098IIED.pdf (4.31 MB)

This report is the result of a CREED study undertaken by the Institute for Environmental Studies, Amsterdam, the Indira Ghandhi Institute of Development Research, Bombay, and Intervention India, Bangalore.

The importance of international trade in the global economy is expanding, not only for primary products but also for recyclable waste. The main objectives of this study were to determine the economic, social and environmental impacts of international trade of waste paper for recycling purposes in India. The report addresses three main sectors:

1. the world market for waste paper,
2. the local waste paper market,
3. the Indian paper industry.

It also makes recommendations for policy makers at an international, national and local level: international agreements should distinguish between hazardous and non-hazardous waste; national trade barriers to waste imports should be eliminated; and existing local informal recovery sectors should be favoured over formal Western-style recycling systems.

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