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Partnerships in Conservation: The state, private sector and the community at Madikwe Game Reserve

Working paper, 19 pages
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Madikwe Game Reserve was created ostensibly, to provide economic returns to both local neighbouring communities and the region. A concept of ‘equal partnership’ was created between the Parks Board, private sector and the community.~The paper suggests however, that though wildlife-based tourism would appear to be the best economic use of the acquired land, the long time-lag between establishment and Madikwe reaching its potential, is resulting in tensions and conflicts between the different parties involved. In addition, the ‘equal partnership’ concept was seriously flawed. The partnership is by no means equal, not least due to the constraints from undefined tenure caused by the lack of land ownership within the communities. As a result, questions are raised as to whether engaging conservation with community development is the right way forward. Particularly, as in the case of Madikwe, the success of such arrangements is strongly influenced by factors at a national, if not higher level, often beyond the control of the parties involved.

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