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Teak 2000: A consortium support model for greatly increasing the contribution of quality tropical hardwood plantations to sustainable development

Report/paper, 32 pages
PDF  7512IIED.pdf (755.4 KB)

Examines the potential for establishing sufficient areas of teak plantations to produce a significant output of high-grade timber on a sustained basis, which might also relieve pressure on natural forests and contribute to the sequestration of carbon. The excellent wood quality, versatility of end uses and relative ease of establishment of teak indicate that it will continue to be the most significant and widely used quality industrial plantation hardwood species in the tropics. However, it is clear that teak plantations established in the past have fallen short of their potential for producing economic, social and environmental benefits. A new approach is required for future programmes. A Consortium Support Model is proposed. Such a system would provide financial and technical support to groups, or consortia, of teak growers. It would enable them to produce more and better quality teak in a socially and environmentally preferred manner.

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