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Land Tenure Lexicon. A Glossary of Terms from English and French Speaking West Africa

Compiled by Rebeca Leonard, Judy Longbottom

Report/paper, 74 pages

This lexicon attempts to identify and explain terminology used by those working in the region within a variety of different contexts. Tenure is sometimes perceived as the realm of lawyers; yet, rights over land and other resources touch several disciplines and have recently become a more common feature of political debates, and development planning - both national and local. This volume represents a working document of technical, legal and development terminology on land tenure. It gives definitions of terms in everyday language, and discusses some of the debates surrounding their use. The lexicon stems from a joint Franco-British research initiative on land tenure in West Africa during which the clarification of legal concepts, discussion of development approaches and selection - or even invention - of terms was an integral part of the research process. This English version gives French translations and highlights the difficulties embedded in this endeavour. French readers are referred to the French lexique publilshed by Karthala.

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