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Poverty Reduction and Urban Governance

Journal article, 255 pages

For more information see www.environmentandurbanization.org

All but the last four issues of this journal are free online. Recent issues require a subscription to view the articles although the editorial and summaries are free to download (see below)

This issue of Environment and Urbanization includes 12 papers examining the links between poverty and governance in particular cities. Among the interesting points of commonality or contrast are:
The great range of political structures, with some having governments that are clearly more accountable and responsive to urban poor group than others;
The very limited powers, resources and capacities to raise revenues available to urban governments;
The complex political economy within all the cities which influences who gets land for housing, infrastructure and services; and the capacity of anti-poor local government policies and practices to harm the livelihoods of many low-income groups within their jurisdiction.

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