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Sustainable Cities Revisited II

Journal, 304 pages
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This includes papers on~* Community-level local agenda 21s in Manizales and in Lima.~* Land invasion and model house building in Cape Town.~* Information and participation within environmental management.~* Addressing children’s needs in urban areas.~* Sustainable manufacturing.~* Pro-poor urban regeneration.~* Partnerships for Local Agenda 21s.~* Urban agriculture in Havana and in Nigerian cities.~* Waste collection and management in Madras and in Quito.~* Local Agenda 21 in Ilo, Peru.~* Disaster preparedness in Turkey.~* Incorporating gender issues in quality of life research.

It also includes three papers on participatory tools and methods: Research on violence with examples from Colombia and Guatemala. Indicators for users and suppliers of environmental services. Environmental health information systems.

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