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Tenants: Addressing needs, increasing options

Journal, 360 pages
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All but the last four issues of this journal are free online.
Recent issues require a subscription to view the articles although the editorial and summaries are free to download (see below)

Includes papers on rental accommodation and tenants' organizations in Goiania (Brazil), Cape Town and Durban (South Africa), Howrah (India), Lima (Peru), Cochabamba (Bolivia), Nairobi (Kenya), San Salvador (El Salvador) and central areas in Latin American cities. Also provision for sanitation in tenant areas in Nairobi. Papers in the feedback section on: new models for aid agencies in the search for shelter; translating NGO successes into government policies; growing up in cities; urbanization and caregiving; evictions and relocations in Lagos; greening small recycling firms in Calcutta; and appraising a low income housing programme in Kenya.

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