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PLA Notes 22: General Issue

Journal, 88 pages
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This issue of PLA Notes addresses a variety of emerging conceptual and methodological issues. Several of the articles emphasise how practitioners of the increasingly widely used PRA must keep an eye on how the term is used, and to what it is applied. ~Among other papers, this issue includes:~A paper looking at the implications of participatory approaches.

A critique of a study which used rapid research methods to investigate structural adjustment programmes and the introduction of a multi-party system in Tanzania.

A paper addressing criticisms that PRA raises too many expectations.

An article describing the 'grandfather graph' developed in rural Bangladesh to show how people's occupations had changed in the past 40-50 years.

A paper on innovations to social mapping and geographical transects in Orissa, India.

A paper arguing that scoring provides a better alternative to ranking, based on example from Ethiopia, as well as a paper providing a case study from Ethiopia.

An article about helping the Indians from the Mosquita region in Honduras to establish who inhabited their homeland and how it was being used.

A case study of a sanitation project in Kenya's Siaya District.

An article on using RRA for coastal resource planning in the Malampaya Sound, the Philippines.

An article on using PRA for a project about an irrigation tank at a village in Tamil Nadu.

A paper on using visual methods for demographic data collection among the Tembomvura people of Zambezi Valley.

A paper on using PRA techniques in the Tana Beles area in Gojam, Ethiopia.

Two papers on workshops in Ghana and Ethiopia.

A paper on RRA techniques used during a conservation expedition in Mount Goma Forest Reserve in Sierra Leone.

Tips for Trainers: a note on non-verbal sequences.

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