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RRA Notes 19: Training

Journal, 114 pages
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This special issue of RRA Notes focuses on the need to move towards a new learning paradigm for agriculture and rural development. Many of the papers in this edition describe PRA workshops and training courses held around the world. Other papers in this issue include: 

A paper examining the issues that should be taken into account when organising PRA training in academic institutions.

An article describing exercises that were part of a three month course on 'Rural Research and Rural Policy' at the Institute of Development Studies, UK.

An article about RRA training in a US Masters programme at Ohio University, and a brief note on a student's perspective.

A description of postgraduate course for professional social workers developed in Nicaragua.

Case-studies from Lesotho and Kenya, setting out the conditions required to change procedures and cultures of large public agencies

A report on a training programme for GTZ staff focused on an area of the Austrian Alps undergoing rapid change due to tourism and infrastructure development.

Suggestions on how to plan training exercises for agricultural policy-oriented PRA.

A report on training in the use of RRA for baseline data collection and target group identification in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia.

A report on a workshop in Kenya where participants assessed their own training needs and set their own schedule.

A report on how a juggling game was used at a livestock seminar in Indonesia.

Instructions on 21 different ways of forming groups.

21 hints on running short PRA workshops with lots of participants.

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