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RRA Notes 16: Applications for Health

Journal, 115 pages
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This issue of RRA Notes resulted from a workshop on PRA techniques in relation to health, held at the Institute of Development Studies (IDS). It includes:

An overview of rapid appraisal for health.

A review of PRA with specific reference to its potential for the India Family Planning, Health and Nutrition Programmes.

A paper looking at qualitative methods for assessing the acceptability of immunisation in Somalia.

A paper on using PRA in communities with high unemployment in Staveley, North Derbyshire

A report on UNICEF's 1990 Bamako Initiative, which attempts to institutionalise the collection and analysis of health information by communities

A report on a workshop on PRA for planning health projects in Tamil Nadu, Southern India.

A paper on how PRA in Ambari village, Meghalaya, India, used a variety of tools to communicate about illness.

A report on a five day PRA exercise and training session by ActionAid.

A brief report on a PRA exercise on alcoholism conducted at Mecluskigang, India.

A slide presentation on the use of PRA in family planning in Nepal.

A report on how a workshop in India revealed ways PRA methods could be applied to research and programme development for women's reproductive health.

A paper describing body mapping work in southern Zimbabwe designed to bridge local knowledge and western medical explanations of non-indigenous contraception.

A report on a PRA exercise in coastal Guinea focused on methods to highlight food security issues and health problems in a community.

A description RRA training exercise conducted by ActionAid in a Sierra Leone village.

A report on rapid appraisal in squatter communities in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil.

A list of potential practical applications of PRA methods to health and nutrition.

This edition concludes with the regular Tips for Trainers and Endnotes sections.

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