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RRA Notes 12: General Issue

This issue of RRA Notes has seven articles covering a range of participatory and RRA methodologies, including:

An article based on RRA experiences in Nepal which draws attention to the importance that outsiders can play in group and team dynamics.

A brief note questioning whether projects and interventions are paternalistic or empowering.

A guide to the uses of mapping and modelling in PRA.

A paper describing in detail the methods used in a RRA exercise in the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan.

An article comparing the accuracy of RRA and conventional surveys in collecting socio-ecological information for social forestry projects.

A paper suggesting new ways of diagrammatically representing formal and informal social relationships.

A report on the use of topical surveys to produce closer farmer extension / worker relationships in Mozambique. 

The Endnotes section reports on a new newsletter on qualitative methods.

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