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RRA Notes 7: Proceedings of Second Joint IDS/IIED RRA Review Workshop

This special issue of RRA Notes comprises the proceedings of a two-day RRA review workshop jointly organised by IDS and IIED in June 1989. The issue is divided into six sections, as follows:

The first section includes three articles on the use of diagrams. The second section summarises two papers on aerial photography in Kenya and Papua New Guinea.

The third section has a summary of four papers on interviews and groups, based on work in Northern Thailand, Benin and Ethiopia.

The next section summarises three papers on the technique of ranking.

Section five summarises two papers on rapid appraisal in relation to health in Tanzania and England.

Section six summarises papers on participatory RRA in Kenya and the use of diagrams.

The final section summarises two papers on RRA and monitoring and evaluation

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