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RRA Notes 4: General issue

Journal, 22 pages
PDF  6073IIED.pdf (89.25 KB)

This general issue of RRA Notes features three articles:

The first article reports on a study of wealth ranking in a strongly caste village of Northern India. It concludes that wealth ranking is a technique that can be used with confidence in India, providing a quick, accurate and non-intrusive means of ranking a community.

The second article looks at video theatre in Costa Rica. The team used role-playing to tackle difficult issues of tenure, and demonstrate that such participation helped the people involved, the audience and the development workers.

The third article describes RRA exercise designed to to develop a framework for participatory village-level planning for use by the Aga Khan Rural Support programme (India). The article concludes that there is much to be gained from a more participatory approach, but that it does require extra time and sensitivity.

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