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RRA Notes 3: General issue

Journal, 24 pages
PDF  6072IIED.pdf (182.65 KB)

This edition is concerned with methodologies at several different stages of the development process. It includes the following items:

An article looking at the technique of ranking for analysing species of trees and shrubs eaten by cattle in Nigeria; A report from Papua New Guinea on the use of 'repertory grid analysis' to compare formal land evaluation with local people's evaluation; A paper about the NERAD project which creates user-oriented handbooks on RRA methods. This item reports on a handbook on sustainability analysis that was produced in both Thai and English; An article describing the use of local calendars and oral history for dating and putting ages to people, for nutritional studies, to put a timescale on local vegetation change, and also as an icebreaker.

The final article reports from North West Pakistan on using stories to describe information.

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