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How People Use Pictures: An annotated bibliography and review for development workers

Report/paper, 123 pages
PDF  6020IIED.pdf (3.01 MB)

Visual literacy is a characteristic all human beings inherently possess. Yet because of our cultural and social differences, we interpret visual symbols and representations, such as drawings, pictures, and artefacts, in different ways. How and why people use visual images to represent complex ideas and processes is the focus of How People use Pictures. It is the first comprehensive review of the literature on visual literacy in over a decade, and offers new insights into this complicated issue. Written for practitioners interested in communicating with local people using pictures and visual symbols and for researchers interested in gaining a deeper appreciation of the 'language of the visual' , this book provides detailed annotations of over 100 key references, as well as an extensive list of useful institutions and resources. ~This book was reprinted in 1997 and contains a new forward written by Bob Linney, outlining recent developments in visual literacy

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